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Tingling numbness cold feet at times. On a med that is for seizures I have no history of seizures, it is to help with this but not. Suggestion on something else. Also have a bugling disc between C -4 & 5. Was a big walker up to 4 or 5 miles that all changed bout a year ago . Diagnosed with ms this year in January. Thinking is this all coming from my neck. If I lay flat on hard floor my feet legs are fine and no symptoms. But no one listens to this. Also 1997 had gastric bypass yes my vit D levels do go low and on 50'000 units every week. Need suggestions looking at all 3 things.

Question Date: 9/30/2012


Unusual sensory symptoms like tingling and coldness are not unusual in MS.  An MS lesion like what you describe in the spinal cord could certainly cause these symptoms. We do sometimes use various anti-convulsant or anti-depressant medications to treat sensory symptoms fr MS. These drugs tend to work best for painful sensory symptoms like burning. Unfortunately, we don't have any treatments to restore normal sensation yet.

Answer Date: 10/10/2012


Dr. Ben Thrower


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