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Besides the copaxone injection and a b-complex vitamin, what can I do to get my cognitive abilities back so that I can go back to work??

Question Date: 11/15/2012


Cognitive problems are not uncommon in MS. Studies have suggested that perhaps 60% of people with MS may have some cognitive dysfunction. Common issues include word-finding difficulty and slowed processing speed. We really don't have medications that dramatically improve cogntiion. Studies with an Alzheimer's therapy, donepezil, showed very modest improvements. Working with either a speech therapist or occupational therapist on cognitive rehabilitation is of help for some. Keeping your brain mentally fit may also be of benefit. We know you need physical exercise for your body. Challenging yourself cognitively with reading, games and puzzles, helps keep you cognitively fit. Finally, fatigue and depression may result in poor attention and concentration. This makes it hard to stroe new information. Treatment for either of these symptoms may result in improved cognition. If there is any question about the nature or severity of a person's cognitive symptoms, a neuropsychological evaluation can help sort things out.

Answer Date: 12/13/2012


Dr. Ben Thrower


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