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Race for MS: Dublin Marathon 2013

Date: Oct 28
Time: All Day Event

Ida-Marie Jonsen

Dublin, IL

About this event:

About this event: My name is Ida Jonsen and I was made aware of multiple sclerosis during a very harrowing time in my life.  On April 16th, 2012, my 23-year-old son Jeremy was having trouble walking; moments later he fell into the closet door.  By the time he was admitted to the ER, Jeremy was no longer able to walk or sit without assistance.  Hours later he lost virtually all the use of his left side and was becoming mentally confused.  After testing that night, the diagnosis was multiple sclerosis with Jeremy displaying symptoms that doctors said were classic for MS.  I spent a sleepless night wondering what this would mean to Jeremy, who had dreams of going to law school, climbing mountains, getting married and having children.  I knew that our lives would forever be changed and I hoped that our family would be strong enough to adapt to the challenges we would face. 

After being transferred to the University of Colorado, we learned that Jeremy did not have MS, but instead had suffered a series of strokes.  Following a new treatment regimen, months of rehab and with the support of therapists, family and friends, Jeremy has achieved a near full recovery. 

After this frightening brush with MS, I decided to help raise money for the MS cause. I have always used running to help me solve problems and enjoy life, and this coming October I am running in the Dublin Marathon (26.2 miles) to promote MS awareness and raise donations for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.  I am paying 100% of my own expenses, and since all money raised goes to directly helping MS patients and families, any amount you can spare will make a difference in someone’s life.


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