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Ride 4 MEE

Date: Aug 1
Time: All Day Event

Kyle Schneider

Boston, MA 02108

About this event:

"Ride 4 MEE"
A Ride to Motivate, Educate and Empower those with Multiple Sclerosis
On Friday 8/1/14, Eric Olson and Kyle Schneider began a 3-day cycling journey from Massachusetts to Washington, DC. They biked 400+ miles, averaging 130 miles per day and venturing through 7 states before finishing at 4:30pm on Sunday Aug. 3rd in the District of Columbia, where they were greeted by friends and family. Kyle said the ride, which was organized to increase public awareness and raise money for the 2.3 million people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, was "truly inspirational." We agree!!!
All funds raised will go to support the MS Foundation, whose mission it is to Motivate, Educate and Empower those with MS. In 1989, Eric's wife Tracy was diagnosed with MS and is now a Group Leader for MS in Taunton, MA. Tracy has also served since 2011 on the Greater New England chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Societies Government Relations Committee.
Eric and Kyle will be joined by Dave Hallam, a fellow cyclist and the owner of Maggie Rosa's Bike Shop in Raynham, MA ( Dave, who is also afflicted with MS and will provide ride support, as well as ride part of the course when he is not behind the wheel. 
Donations to date: $5,700
Ride 4 MEE Circle of Honor (complete list):
8/3/2014     The Spurriers
8/2/2014     Rob & Julie Schoenfelder - CUTTERS!!!!!!!!!!
8/1/2014     Helen Hamilton
7/31/2014   Brenda GosselinRide Safe and Well!
7/31/2014   The MasonsHope you guys are riding clean! Good luck! 
7/31/2014   Sandra MacrinaGood luck! Nan and Bupp
7/31/2014   Kathryn Schneider - Good luck! 
7/30/2014   Nick Gelsomini
7/28/2014   Rudy Pickard Good Luck Eric
7/25/2014   Jason FitterlingGood Luck Eric!
7/22/2014   Patti and James Parent - Good luck Kyle & Eric!
7/22/2014   Anonymous
7/21/2014   Ray Kubiak
7/21/2014   Stephanie Cutter
7/18/2014   Michael Meloni - Go Eric! And Tracy xoxo
7/15/2014   Muriel & Richard Schneider
7/14/2014   Marina Hurchalla - Good luck! You are bringing attention for a great cause.
7/11/2014   Gil Santos
7/11/2014   Liz Bristow - Good luck and sending love!
7/10/2014   Lauren Romano
7/4/2014     Shaun McMahon
7/3/2014     Elaine Olson - Good luck my favorite son
7/2/2014     Jeff Ross
7/2/2014     Lisa Diprofio - Good Luck Eric on the Ride to DC. What a great cause! Keep your spirits up Tracy!
6/30/2014   Elizabeth Levine - Best of Luck Eric!
6/30/2014   Jeffrey T Cutter - Good luck Eric & Kyle!!!
6/28/2014   Chris & Jane Niedenthal - Go get it tiger!! Gloria at the finish line awaits!!
6/20/2014   Debuca's Wine & Liquors, Inc.
6/5/2014     Owens & Minor Distribution, Inc.
5/8/2014     Lizanne Hendrickson
5/1/2014     Heather Coelho
4/30/2014   Tracy Olson - Good luck boys. I will be in DC waiting for you...Love you both!
4/11/2014   Karen McCann - Don't forget to visit President Obama when you get there!
3/7/2014     Clive Olson
3/4/2014     Eric Kettering - Do a wheelie when you cross the Mason-Dixon Line
3/3/2014     Michelle White
3/1/2014     Terrence McCann
Please follow the team on Twitter @ride4mee, or e-mail for more information, sponsorship opportunities, as well as donations.  #ride4mee

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