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National MS Education & Awareness Month

What is National MS Education and Awareness Month™?

National MS Education and Awareness Month is an effort by the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (MSF) and affiliated groups to raise the public's awareness of multiple sclerosis. The vital goals of this campaign are to promote an understanding of the scope of this disease, and to assist those with MS in making educated decisions about their healthcare.

The first official campaign was held in March 2003, and was recognized through official proclamations issued by the Mayor of the city of Ft. Lauderdale (home to the national headquarters of the MSF), and by Florida Governor Jeb Bush. March will serve annually as National MS Education and Awareness Month.

Efforts to raise awareness of MS take place throughout the country. Awareness Kits and instructions are available from the MSF for those who wish to become involved in the effort.

Anyone affected by or interested in learning more about MS is invited to participate in activities and to broaden their understanding of MS throughout the month. Other MS organizations are encouraged to participate as well.

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