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National MS Education and Awareness Month Starts Today: Get Involved! Win a Cruise for Two!


“At Your Best with MS” is the MSF’s theme for the 2012 National Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness Month (NMSEAM), which starts today. The MSF chose this theme to encourage people with MS to do everything they can to maintain the best quality of life possible with the disease. Only you know how this may apply to your own life with MS, but for many people, being “At Your Best with MS” means adhering to medication plans, eating healthy, keeping fit, finding hobbies and interests that bring pleasure, developing a support network, maintaining good emotional heath, and continuing employment when possible.

At times, these goals may seem overwhelming. Just do your best. You’ve likely heard that advice before, whether in school, at work, or on the sports field. It acknowledges that everyone has different abilities, and it is especially appropriate to remember that advice when coping with a disease as varied as MS.  After all, if you apply yourself as much as possible to improve your quality of life, you can be confident that you are “At Your Best with MS.”

As we journey through life, we discover that we do some things better than others. If we are lucky, we are able to nurture our given talents and use them to benefit ourselves or others.  For the MSF’s 2012 Awareness Month Initiative we invite you to “Show us Your Best.”

What do you do well?  What skill or talent are you most proud of? Are you a great artist? Awesome dancer? Do you have a knack for motivating others? Maybe you are good at listening and being supportive. Perhaps you are best at planning and setting goals.

So, “Show us Your Best” and tell us how you use “your best” to do one or more of the following: promote MS awareness and education, help others, and raise funds for the MS cause. We would also like to know how using your best skill or talent makes you be “At Your Best with MS.”

As always, we encourage you to be creative in your submission: write a poem, short story, or an essay (no more than ** words); make a video or record a song; take a photograph or assemble a collage.  Just do your best!

The grand prize winner will be a cruise for two aboard the MSF’s Cruise for a Cause. Five honorable mentions will be awarded a gift cards. Submissions will be accepted through March 31st.  Be sure to include your name, mailing address, phone number, and email address if you have one. Send your entry to Awareness Initiative, Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, 6520 N. Andrews Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309. Or email them to awareness@msfocus.org.

To learn more about NMSEAM and how you can get involved, and to order a MSF Awareness Kit, go to http://www.msfocus.org/national-ms-awareness-month.aspx.   


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