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The MSF Independent Support Group Network consists of 170 support groups nationwide. We believe that support groups truly embody the spirit of our motto: It’s All About “MEE” - Motivating, Educating, Empowering. Support groups exist to connect you with the latest information about MS, to give you an opportunity to share stories and experiences with other people who will understand, to inspire you to discover new strengths and abilities you didn’t know you had, to help you focus on what you can do, to share tips and tricks to help you get through even the toughest days, and to find ways to stay positive in the journey through life with MS.

Support group meetings are designed to be educational, fun, and positive. The MSF provides guidance, resources, and structure while allowing affiliated support groups to maintain their independence. We recognize that each support group is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of its specific members and community. In addition to supporting their members, MSF-affiliated support groups are frequently active in engaging in MS awareness and advocacy efforts in their communities. 

Anyone with MS can start a support group and become a leader. Healthcare professionals can also start or affiliate their support groups with the MSF. Through the MSF Independent Support Group Program, support group leaders receive training, ongoing support for their meetings, and many types of unique assistance throughout the year, including materials for meetings and resources for member recruitment.  

If you would like to start or affiliate a support group, contact MSF's Support Groups and Outreach Manager Alissa Ayden at or (888) 673-6287, Ext. 141. If you are looking for an existing support group to join, search our interactive support group directory below. Please call the contact person for the support group you are interested in to confirm the date, time, and location.

MSF National Independent Support Group Network Directory

Please Note: The purpose of this directory is to provide information about support groups to those with MS. This list may not be used for solicitation purposes. If you have any questions or would like to discuss information that may be of interest to our affiliated support groups, please contact the MSF’s Support Groups and Outreach Manager, Alissa Ayden, at (888) 673-6287, Ext. 141 or

The Pediatric MS Telephone Support Group meets once a month on a national toll-free conference line and is open to all parents or caregivers of children or teens who have MS. Please contact Elin at (979) 219-1755 or for more information.

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Made Stronger MS Support Group
Canton Harvester Inn
150 North Main Street

Contact: Tammy 309-231-1360 /
Meets: Second Saturday of the month from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Comments: Please call the contact person to confirm date, time & location. Our group welcomes ALL who are affected by MS. We exist to provide support in a caring environment, to learn from each other and from speakers, and to motivate, empower, and uplift each other; and, of course, to have FUN!


I Can MS Support Group
Loretto Hospital (Auditorium)
645 South Central Avenue

Contact: Gloria or Kwesi 773-626-4007 /
Meets: Second Tuesday of the month from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Comments: Please call the contact person to confirm date, time, & location. Our group focuses on what we can do while encouraging mental and spiritual growth. We believe that together we can overcome the challenges that MS brings into our lives. Our meetings are educational and enlightening. We welcome all people with MS, family members, and friends.


Springfield Area of Central Illinois MS Support Group
Sacred Heart Convent
1237 W. Monroe Street

Contact: Debi-Lynn 217-622-9474 / 217-522-3132 /
Meets: Second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.

Comments: Please call the contact person to confirm date, time, & location. Our group's aim is to be supportive to each other. We work as a team to learn, teach, and understand life with MS. We have great social activities to be enjoyed by all. Our friends, care partners and family are part of our wonderful support team. Together we will help each other to enjoy life with compassion, love, peace, joy, and sadness through the daily challenges we face. Our spirits will not be broken.

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