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Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends


Presidents Circle

$5,000 and Above

Mike Abell

    Giuliana Hirshson

I. Lorraine Thomas

Founders Circle


Bernatchez Family Foundation

Milton & Christine Mackacy


Benefactors Circle



Goshen Central High School


Anita Lamberti
Marietta & Ira Glazer, FL

North Broward Prepartory School

The Ritz- Carlton, Fort Lauderdale

Charles Eader, NJ

Sofia Figueroa, CA

Don and Deane Nelson, ID

Michelle Nichols, TX

Alfred Seglas, VA

Katie Stinchon, MA


Friends Circle



Nancy Adam

Arthur Feinberg

John Allen

Valerie Brunnberg (Fit, Fab & Lean, Inc.)

Susan Burns

Carolina Trust Federal Credit Union

Nancy Ciancio

Credit Union Family Services Centers

Dean Dutoit

Brenda Fowler

Henry Ford Health System

Michael Lindsay

Maura Marczewski

David Moore

James Moye

John Nonemaker

Hans Ooms

Phillip Parrott

Marc Shapses

Mark Shell

Therese Shell

Sine Networks, LLC

Lynn & Jeff Sosa/Parkin

Ruud Stam

Davina Stauffer

Pat & Meg Vellone

Russell Villamil

Lane & Hans Westland

Steven Willensky

Forest Williams


Frank Anan, CA

AudreyChambers, MI

John and Denecia Deford, MI

Joseph M. Duchaine, MA

Bruce C. Gilman, VT

Jonathon Hress, NY

Robert Krueger, MI

Martin Mucci, NY

John Paton, PA

Christina Pratt, MA

Terence Ryan, MD

David Squillacote, M.D., NJ

Bob and Carole Wilhelm, OH


Supporters Circle


Keith Anderson

Marlene Aweida

Jason Berger

Scott Berger

Jerome Bergman

Cecilia Bethke

Jerry Blaine

Gary Blum

James Boyer

Kevin Brody

B T Finest Social Club

David Bumpous

James Burgess

Susan Burns

Mark Busbee

Theodore Byer

Therese Caccavale

Mike Cadem

Anthony Celano

Victoria Cerami

Lisa Ciancio

Clinton Surgical Associates

Libby Comras

Robert & Jeff Cook

James Coyle

Jed Datema

Cindy DeLollis

Chuck Dickson

Jane Diggins

Karen & Chris Dorato

Mary Jo Dougherty

Neal & Maryann Dunning

Gary Evans

Donald Ferguson

Avery Fuchs

Kathryn Goumas

Wendy & Ged Gove

Stanley Green

Janet Grenfell

Pete Grenfell

Scott Grodman

Jill & Eric Guerrero

Melinda Harper

Stuart Henderson

Joel Hirschtritt

Rick Hoffman

Robert Holmes

Stanton Humphries

Shelly Hunter

John & Pat Johnson

Mark Johnson

Richard Jonsen

Michael Killian

Sarah Kincaid

Peter Klebanow

Thomas Koller

Jeffrey Lamarand

Geoff Ledet

Linda Legato

Debra Lindner

Nancy Lindsay

Nate & Lori Llerandi

Rachel Maizes

Mike & Mary McGinnis

Heather McNicholas

Laurie Mohler

Jim & Sue Moore

Michael Neshewat (Southgate Medical Group)

Iona Neuharth

Northeast Primary School

Robert & Paula O'Connell

Ginny Olmstead

Russell Olson

Stanley Pashalidis

Cindi Petruzzo

Jeff Pinsky

Frank N. Pittinaro

Amy & Joe Poshusta

Elke Quintana

Ron Robinson

Ruby Tuesday, Inc.

Robert Scherzer

Karl Schlotterbeck

Jay John Schnell

Adam Shapiro

Marc Shapses

Steven Shwedel

Daniel Sosa

Leah Sosa

Gary & Pat Stillmunkes

Mitch Taube

Brian Tormey

Gia Tutalo-Mote

Troy Forming Concrete, Inc.

Lorenzo Vascotto

Audra Vaz

Eli Wald

Patricia Waltner

Mitch Weiner

Belva Wildman

James Wohn

Matthew Wolf

Ned Wood

Howard L. Zimmerman


Muriel Zuckerberg

Ken Alinauskas, FL

Jim Butler, MO

Keith Derman, NJ

Michel Lebas, WA

David C. Lincoln, AZ

Gregg Mayer, MA

Jeremy M. and Kerry A. Sclar, ME

Jeffrey and Virginia Simon, MA

Clay Smith, FL

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