Biotech firm seeks volunteers for feedback meeting

October 19, 2018
A pharmaceutical/biotech company is hosting a small patient medical advisory board meeting on two half-days on Dec. 7 and 8 in San Francisco. The goal of this meeting it is to convene patients with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis to gain feedback on a patient-centered approach to MS research. 

This advice will inform and provide personal insight to the pharmaceutical/biotech company’s goal to further MS research through a patient-centered approach and ultimately improve the lives of people living with MS. Topics of discussion will include:

• The potential effect of these initiatives on individual patients and on MS research,
• Motivators for study participation and utilization of digital resources (e.g., websites, phone apps, etc.),
• The measures of MS symptoms and progression that resonate most with patients, and
• Research questions that patients wish to see addressed.

The pharmaceutical/biotech company will reimburse the travel expenses of invited participants, and provide an honorarium as thanks for their time and participation. Participants must:

• Be between the ages of 18 and 65,
• Have a clinical diagnosis of MS,
• Be currently involved in care (e.g., have seen their MS healthcare provider within the past two years),
• Utilize the Internet and/or a smartphone on a regular basis, and
• Be willing and able to travel for a two half-day meeting on Dec. 7 and 8 in San Francisco.

For more information contact Ali Anastasia at Ashfield Healthcare by email or phone: or 203-918-9501.

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