Ohio State University seeks participants for study

June 04, 2019
The Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory at the Department of Psychology at Ohio State University is conducting a six-month intervention study to potentially improve thinking in those with multiple sclerosis.

For this study, participants will be asked to track their water-intake or physical activity. As part of this study, you will undergo five assessment sessions, each lasting between 2.5 to 3.5 hours. You will also participate in a six-month behavior-monitoring period requiring minimal time commitment. 

You may be eligible for this study if you: 
  • Are between the ages of 30-59
  • Have been diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis 
  • Have no other neurological or psychiatric diagnoses besides RRMS 
  • Absence of any other neurological or psychiatric diagnoses besides RRMS
  • Have had no relapse or high-dose corticosteroid use at least 30 days prior to your first assessment
  • Can travel to OSU campus for five visits spread during the course of the intervention 
  • Can take five minutes out of your day to monitor health behaviors

Monetary compensation and free parking will be provided for all assessment sessions. Participants will also receive an activity tracker such as a Fitbit or a water-intake tracker. 

Participation in this screening, and any subsequent study sessions, is completely voluntary. You may cease participation without penalty at any time during the screening or study process. Your materials from this screening will be identifiable only by a number assigned to you. The key that ties your identification to this number will be kept on our computerized database. Your materials will be available only to key personnel on this study. Should you be ineligible for the study or choose not to participate, your personal information collected in this screening will be disposed of to ensure confidentiality.

If you are interested contact us at www.clinicalneurolab.org/tracking-health-in-multiple-scleros. You can email the Clinical Neuroscience Lab at ra@clinicalneurosciencelab.com, or call 614-292-9568.

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