Researchers seek participants for tele-exercise study

October 28, 2020
Researchers are recruiting participants for a home-based tele-exercise program for people with chronic neurological impairments. The purpose of the study is to assess the effect of a 12-week virtual seated physical intervention on cardiovascular health and wellness in people with chronic neurological impairments, which includes multiple sclerosis.

This study will examine how effective seated Zoom exercise classes are for a person with CNI for addressing cardiovascular health, physical wellness, and quality of life. If these classes prove to be effective, online platforms may be a viable avenue for those with CNI to exercise, and increase and maintain wellness without having to leave their homes. The researchers at the Burke Neurological Institute are also attempting to determine if a class with a live instructor versus a prerecorded class has an effect on motivation, compliance, exertion, and safety.

The entire process, including screening and consenting, will be done through Zoom and Redcap, potentially providing a blueprint for the future studies. This process can enable participants to participate in studies with minimal inconvenience, expense and effort of traveling for the consent process. The seated exercise study will include adaptive boxing, adaptive power posture, adaptive high-intensity interval training. All equipment will be provided.

Participants must:
  • Be 18-75 years of age
  • Have a diagnosis of a chronic neurological impairment (at least six months)
  • Have the ability to commit to 12-week program (three times a week)
  • Be medically stable, no contraindications to exercise
  • Have access to high speed internet on a device with webcam
  • Be currently exercising two days or less per week
  • Be able to follow instructions in English

For more information, contact Amy Bialek, MSPT Advanced Clinician and Research Study Coordinator at the Burke Neurological Institute at 914-597-2347, or email

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