iConquerMS seeking participants for COVID-19 study

May 17, 2021
iConquerMS is conducting research about the COVID-19 vaccines in people with multiple sclerosis. They are conducting a study to answer questions on vaccine side effects, possible effects on MS symptoms, and how MS medications might influence vaccine.

To participate, create an account at iConquerMS.org and enroll in the iConquerMS COVID-19 Vaccination Study. Study participants will be entered into a monthly gift card drawing. One $25 gift card will be awarded per month for twelve months.

* Who can participate? Anyone who joins iConquerMS, with or without a diagnosis of MS.  You can enroll in the study at any time before being vaccinated, even if you don’t currently have a vaccination appointment scheduled. The participation of those already vaccinated is also welcome.

* What does the study involve? The study involves completing a series of short surveys on the iConquerMS website. The surveys will ask about the participant’s experiences related to being vaccinated for COVID-19, any side effects participants might have experienced, and any changes to MS symptoms.

iConquerMS, a research community of people with MS supported by the nonprofit organization Accelerated Cure Project for MS For more information about the organization or study send email to info@iConquerMS.org.

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