TouchNEUROLOGY makes in-demand Vitamin D resources available online

February 17, 2017
TouchNEUROLOGY, together with the Consortium of MS Centers, have released summaries of a pair of in-demand scientific articles focused on vitamin D and MS. These summaries, which are intended for lay readers, are now available online. The articles are accompanied by video content from Dr. Mary Anne Picone, of Holy Name Medical Center, and Cathy Chester, a patient advocate.
The first, “Vitamin D deficiency in multiple sclerosis”, is based on “Vitamin D Deficiency and Possible Role in Multiple Sclerosis”, which was published in the European Neurological Review. Its focus is on vitamin D deficiency, supplementation, and how it is linked to MS. It offers a summary of key points at the end and is accompanied by supplemental videos.
The second article, “Relationship between vitamin D and interferon beta-1b in the treatment of multiple sclerosis”, is based on “Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis – Relationship between Vitamin D and Interferon beta-1b” which was also published in the European Neurological Review. It focuses on three key questions: how might vitamin D influence MS disease activity, how is the level of vitamin D important for people with MS treated with interferon beta-1b, and what do the scientific results mean for people living with MS?

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