Cognitive assistive device use for thinking problems related to MS

March 07, 2017
Researchers at Illinois Institute of Technology are conducting a research study investigating use of cognitive assistive devices and aids to help with thinking problems related to multiple sclerosis.

Many people with MS experience problems with their thinking, including difficulty with memory, attention, thinking speed, and other functions. Some individuals may use devices, such as smart phones, daily planners, or personal computers to help with these problems. We are conducting an anonymous, 30-45 minute online survey concerning use of cognitive assistive devices and motivation.

To participate you must:

1. be 18 or older,
2. have a diagnosis of MS from a physician,
3. have access to a computer with Internet, and
4. speak English.

Participants who meet study inclusion criteria and complete the entire survey will receive a digital $10 Amazon gift card by entering their email address at the end of the survey.

To participate, please visit the survey website.

For additional information about this study, please contact Samantha DeDios Stern, MS by email at, or Eun-Jeong Lee, Ph.D. at 312-567-3502 or

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