Firm seeks participants for living with MS research study

May 04, 2017
Schlesinger Associates, a market research company, is seeking participants for a research study. The researchers are seeking thoughts and opinions from those living with MS about their experience with treatments and what kinds of unmet needs that they may have. They are looking for open and honest feedback about their MS journey so far.
The web-assisted telephone interviews will take place May 8 to 19. The researchers are seeking individuals who have been diagnosed with either Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis or Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis to share their experiences living with the disease. The participant must be receiving treatment or on medication, and cannot be severely disabled by the disease. Each participant will be compensated $100 for their 60 minute interview.
Studies are double blinded, so the company collecting the information will not be able to associate the patient’s interview with their name/contact information. All personal information is keep confidential. The interview will not be shared with anyone unless the patient grants permission for it to be shared with other research professionals to further gather insight from their thoughts and opinions.
Potential participants who are interested can email

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