Augusta University seeks participants in MS survey

May 11, 2017
Augusta University researchers seek to learn more about how patient health has been affected by multiple sclerosis, and what information people living with MS may be lacking. The research will be used to improve health education for the MS community as well as to raise awareness of MS health issues.
Researchers are exploring the effect of health literacy on emotional health in people living with MS. The purpose of the study is to help clinicians and health educators determine whether a person's knowledge of MS can promote well-being.
The survey will take about 25-45 minutes to complete. In addition to basic demographic, MS-related health, and emotional health questions, the survey asks about knowledge of interventions for managing MS symptoms, personal beliefs about MS, and personal health education linked to MS.
Survey participants must be at least 18 or older, and diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. While some of the questions asked are personal, responses will not be linked to the participant’s identity. To help protect confidentiality, the surveys will not contain identifying information. The results of this study will be used for scholarly purposes only.
Participants will be eligible to enter a drawing to win one of four $25 gift-cards. If a participant enters the drawing, contact information will not be linked to survey responses.
To participate, visit For more information, contact Dr. Becca Floyd at 706-721-5219. 

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