Get an overview of all of our available programs and services, or more in-depth information about our most popular grants. To request a copy of these publications, contact us by email:, call our Program Services Department at 888-MSFOCUS (673-6287), or use the Publication Request form.

Programs and Services

Begin your discovery of MS Focus and all it has to offer. Our programs and services cover areas of assistance, support, and information and education.



Homecare Assistance Grant

The Homecare Assistance Grant  provides services in homecare, therapy visits, and respite care.  It can also provide assistance when you come home from the hospital. To learn more about these services and how to apply for a grant, order this brochure.

Assistive Technology Program

The  Assistive Technology Program strives to educate and assist individuals with MS across the country about the myriad of AT options. This brochure offers a brief description of the many AT products available, classified according to need and disability. The program application process is also described.


Support Group Program

The MS Focus Independent Support Group Network is made up of over 170 support groups nationwide. This helpful brochure will tell you all about our program, what MS Focus offers affiliated support groups, and how to apply to join our Independent Support Group Network.


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