A Dirty Little Secret

Kevin A Porreco
A Dirty Little Secret is memoir about the life of Kevin Porreco. Readers will follow his dysfunctional upbringing, his search and discovery of his biological parents, as well as being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and how he lives and thrives every day with the disease. The story starts out at Kevin's earliest of memories he had after being given up by his single mother, and adopted into a dysfunctional home as an infant. As he tries to deal with his unbalanced adoptive mother "Helen", He receives no help from an adoptive father that loves him, but does not have a semblance of common sense when it comes to parenting. The house is bathed in violence and chaos, two things that will alter his life forever. In 1997, while living in San Francisco, he is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He then takes the reader on his journey of living daily with this disease, and the roller coaster of emotions that come along with it. He will take you into his doctor appointments, where decisions are made that affect his everyday life and even his mortality. Kevin also covers the various therapies he has used over the years, while moving around the country and being the patient of some of the most well-known doctors in the field of multiple sclerosis. Having always known that he was adopted, and given the unstable upbringing in his life, Kevin takes you along as he embarks on a journey of finding his biological parents. You'll be taken into the depths of database searches and dead ends. He then shares with the reader how he achieved inner peace, with the help of a Catholic priest in Los Angeles. Now in 2013, he has started to devote his life to helping the disadvantaged and homeless, through his work with the Salvation Army.