Blessed With MS

Jane Reed
Jane was an active woman. She worked long hours in an effort to further her career, took care of her children and still found time to spend with family and friends. Running was a passion she had deep inside and she began training for a marathon. She was a go-getter who stopped only to sleep for a few hours and then she was off again until one fateful evening changed everything. Now faced with an invisible disease that no doctor could figure out, Jane was forced to slow down and reevaluate her life. Ten years of wrong diagnosis after another, Jane was broken and full of despair. The life she was handed had taken its toll on her and she thought she would never live fully again. She was angry and alone until one beautiful day a bright light shone through the darkness she was living in. Life became bearable and soon became blessing after blessing. The Lord had entered Jane’s life and set her free of the burdens she bore. She was given answers to the invisible disease that had haunted her for ten years, a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. It was through her battle with finding a diagnosis that God blessed her in many ways. Follow Jane’s journey and see how she learned to rely on the Lord in all circumstances and eventually found a diagnosis and the ultimate healing.