Body Change

Montel WIlliams
Talk-show host Montel Williams wanted a leaner look--quickly--for a swimsuit TV segment. Trainer Wini Linguvic showed him how to get that look. And in BodyChange, she'll show you, too. Linguvic's exercise routine incorporates aerobics with weight training, particularly functional exercises (using the muscles the way we use them in real life) and core exercises (emphasizing the abdominal and lower-back muscles for stabilization, strength, and balance) using free weights and a Swiss ball. "You're stronger than you think," Linguvic says, "but to experience that strength, you've got to stretch beyond that feeling of comfort." The program is sound, clearly explained, and well illustrated. Photos by Mitchel Gray are awesome, especially the artistic poses of Williams and Linguvic together. The strength-training routine that comprises most of the book is a basic program that beginners can handle: three sets each of nine fundamental exercises that target all the major muscle groups for beginners; a few more for intermediate and advanced exercisers. Despite a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and a work and travel schedule that would reduce most of us to mush, Williams continues to work out daily and look great--a positive testament to Linguvic's routine. --Joan Price