Humor Your Stress

Loretta LaRoche
The master of mirth is back by popular demand. Loretta LaRoche is ready to help viewers in their continuing quest to get a handle on their stress. Behind her irreverent, unconventional, wacky, and just plain funny style, Loretta has successfully found a way to make cognitive therapy (rethinking the way you think) accessible, and in so doing, help viewers see the folly of their ways, and put our lives back in perspective. Loretta gets started by helping us face the fact that we are out of control. We are a world dominated by faxing, phoning and whining. Everything has become a chore including our kids for whom even playtime is an over-achievers, overly scheduled, stressful activity. She makes a convincing case for the health benefits of life with joy and laughter. Loretta also gets us thinking about life The Way We Were. You've probably read a little about it -- the Simplicity Movement, the desire to get back to a simpler way of living. For those stuck on the path to getting there, Loretta will help us get unstuck by gently guiding us on our way. Together we will rediscover: extended family and friends, non-microwave food, the joy of singing, clothing that makes sense, and our homes as sanctuaries not satellite work stations. Topping off Humor Your Stress shows eight steps to en-lightenment -- which translated means lightening our ways. This will include: finding the humor in everyday situations; learning how to stop to-doing and start tah-dahing, learning how to walk lightly (including twirling, and standing on one leg); and finding the bless in all the mess.