If the Dead Could Sing: A Journal in Poetry

Elvira Borgstädt
Poet Elvira Borgstädt always envisioned growing old in good health, endowed with vitality and strength. After a productive life, she wanted to take her time retracing the ancient steps of Machu Picchu, visiting the Valley of the Kings, and going on a walkabout in the Australian outback. Instead, things took a different turn when multiple sclerosis forced Elvira to re-focus her entire life at the age of forty-two.
Inspiration arose out of illness and brought her back to writing. If the Dead Could Sing is comprised of sixty poems that document the author's journey from the depth of despair to transcendence.

Elvira denies nothing, having recognized the approaching beast with a clear understanding of its brutal path. She turns her gaze away from illness and embraces the moments, details, and unexpected gifts in her daily life. Despite difficulty, she is peacefully assured that in the depth of suffering lies the golden path that leads back to the eternal source from which everything springs.