My MS Adventures

Becky Kennedy
"My MSAdventures: Multiple Sclerosis: It’s Not Just a Disease—It’s an Adventure portrays the journey of a persistent and optimistic woman who has endured decades of complicated navigation through the sometimes turbulent currents of life with the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Writing in a tone that captures the identical light-hearted and hopeful approach that has kept her afloat for decades, Becky Kennedy shares how she lives with a condition that could easily capsize her life. Proceeding topically rather than chronologically, the author’s narrative in My MSAdventures tells how the adventures began, reviews rehab and other “fun vacation spots,” and points out how adventures await one everywhere. As an added feature, an appendix provides a collection of useful Web sites. If you are one of the many who live with the diagnosis of MS and wonder how—despite your condition—you not only will endure, but also thrive, My MSAdventures promises to help you to see beyond the currently tough times to the prospects ahead of you. If, on the other hand, you are someone who cares for another who lives with MS, then My MSAdventures has an uplifting message of hope for you too. “If you have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), this book is a must. Becky shares her own personal trials and tribulations with the disease. I recommend this book not only to every patient of mine with MS, but also to their family and friends.”"