Debra A Ross
OxyFlex! combines deep breathing with specific muscle contractions. OxyFlex! is comprised of bits and pieces from different areas of fitness. Yoga, pilates, and isometric contractions, basically it's just going back to the basics that we've all forgotten about. The basic routine takes just 15 minutes a day and it does not require any equipment. OxyFlex! is a condensed, more concentrated, version of what everybody else does in the weight room. More bang for your buck! Oxygen is required to burn fat and is the key to health. Oxygen is your greatest and first source of energy. It is the fuel required for the proper operation of all body systems. Only 10% of your energy comes from food and water, 90% of our energy comes from OXYGEN. Oxygen gives our body the ability to rebuild itself. Oxygen detoxifies the blood, and strengthens the immune system. The more efficiently we raise the oxygen level, the more effortlessly the body loses weight and reaches maximum energy. The key is oxygen! Deep breathing techniques which increase oxygen to the cell are the most important factors in living a disease free and energetic life.