Tai Chi-Qigong: For Walking, Balance & Strength

Anna York
Now research comes to life in a beautiful Tai Chi DVD that is fun and effective for those who need to build walking, balance and strength. Research Based. Anna York, creator of the popular DVD, New Creation Tai Chi-Qigong for All Abilities, offers Volume 2 of her therapeutic Tai Chi exercises. In this DVD she presents eight basic movements that researchers have found are especially effective in building walking skills, such as balance, stepping, shifting weight, turning and fall reduction. Good for many conditions: - Seniors - Parkinson's - Multiple Sclerosis - Arthritis - Stroke - Heart Disease - COPD and other respiratory weaknesses - Injury and surgery recovery - Fibromyalgia - Much more! Easy, accessible: - Fun to do individually or with friends! - Easy-to-learn drill format is relaxing and energizing as well as healing. - Basic Principles segment gives you a solid foundation in essential skills. - Clear instruction for each movement helps you learn quickly. - Drill practice in real time allows repetition without the need to constantly rewind. - Flowing five-minute sequence builds increasing mastery and confidence. Certified teacher. Anna York, a certified Qigong teacher, teaches the movements that helped her recover from severe disability caused by multiple sclerosis. She says, "These walking exercises are the most effective thing I have ever done for my gait! I now teach this in all of my classes!" Complementary to New Creation Volume 1: New Creation Tai Chi-Qigong for All Abilities, Anna York's first DVD, provides an overall rejuvenating workout. Volume 2 is especially focused on building walking skills.