The Dumbest Things Smart People Say

Dee Kite, PhD
Diagnosed with MS, Dr. Dee Kite lives in a constant state of panic and struggles to maintain some semblance of normalcy. Trudy, a woman brimming with confidence and good cheer, says, “You may not be able to do much about MS, but you can have a positive attitude.” Trudy’s advice doesn’t help. Each time Dee thinks about it, she’s filled with shame because no matter how hard she tries, her attitude is NOT positive. Living with MS she continues to receive advice and prescriptions for off-the-grid MS “Cures” when what she really wants is just simple conversation. She asks other MS Patients, “Has anyone said something to you that didn't help or even made you feel worse?” and is amazed at the magnitude and emotional impact of “helpful” comments. Many patients comment on how good it feels to know they all share similar experiences. The book brings to light an extremely important issue. What are you supposed to say when you find out someone is suffering from the incurable often invisible disease, Multiple Sclerosis? Of course you’d like to say something positive, uplifting or helpful. But often efforts to help actually hurt or upset the sick person. It’s a confusing situation. The Dumbest Things Smart People Say to Folks with MS offers everything you need so you’ll know what to say to folks with MS.