The Invisible Crippling of MS

Henrietta Adams
For many people, the words “multiple sclerosis” conjure up images of wheelchairs and other adaptive devices associated with physical disabilities. And while many people certainly do suffer a loss of muscular function as a result of this often-debilitating condition, the body is not the only thing affected by this disease of the central nervous system. For thirteen years, successful career woman Henrietta Adams went through life unaware that her relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis was causing serious cognitive and emotional impairment. Since Adams was not physically sick, no one associated her problems with her illness. And so she suffered for years, unaware of the invisible ravages of her condition. In this compelling, informing, and ultimately uplifting memoir, Adams recounts her horrifying experiences battling against an unseen and poorly understood foe. By sharing her experiences, Adams helps raise awareness about the different ways multiple sclerosis impacts people and reminds others afflicted with the disease that they are not alone. By sharing her journey of loss, shock, anger, and depression, Adams helps others come to terms with their own diagnosis—and discover the same hope she found in the midst of her pain.