The Shifting Creek

Mona Sen
In this captivating memoir Mona Sen talks of current life with multiple sclerosis. In her need to succeed she talks about charting out a plan for graduate school to undertake a very challenging occupational therapy program at a highly respected institution. The rigor and stress that followed resulted in wanting to give up, ultimately breaking her spirit and eventually causing her MS to worsen. She talks of how her dream of a career in her chosen field was shattered but she refused to give up. Mona Sen discussed growing up in many worlds including her extended family in India. Her father traveled a great deal and she talks of India being a challenging existence for the early years of her life as she searched for a sense of identity and a home in one place. After India her family moved to the United States which held more challenges. Her father moved the family around until she finished high school and entered her undergraduate college. She talks of her undergraduate years as being the best years with a sense of identity and home in her young life. That however was to change when she graduated. In the Shifting Creek Mona learned all about true love of friendships including her current partner and a path besides the one she first desired, a career. Her beloved undergraduate college friends have shown her a new meaning of living with MS, "what she can do as opposed to what she can't do!" In this truly inspirational memoir she shows us how life does not have one path, meaning or direction but many.