Support Groups

MS Focus National Independent Support Group Network Directory

Please Note: The purpose of this directory is to provide information about support groups to those with MS. This list may not be used for solicitation purposes. If you have any questions or would like to discuss information that may be of interest to our affiliated support groups, please contact the MS Focus Support Group Program staff at (888) 673-6287, or


MS Triad Caring and Sharing

Private Facebook Group - Anyone Can Join
Leader: Cilla
Co-Leader: Neke
Meeting Details: Facebook - Anytime
About Us: We share information on Facebook daily. Local members can meet for lunch once a month to share our stories of living with MS. Caregivers are welcome.


Cary Area Self-Help Group

CARY, NC 27519
Leader: Ed - 919-397-4288 /
Co-Leader: Michael - 919-601-1604 /
Co-Leader: Angela - 919-624-0554 /
Meeting Details: Contact Leaders for Details
About Us: Our goal is to provide support and information to those with MS, their caregivers, and families. We are a place where people can share their symptoms and experiences in a friendly and supportive environment. The wellness center is a great place and very supportive of our group.