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3 General Apps for MS Patients

By Joanne Fortunato
Having trouble keeping track of your meds, there is an app for that. Some of the many issues MS patients face is organizing important information and networking with others that face the challenges of MS. There are several apps for both Android and Apple that will help with these concerns. Checkout the apps listed below.

MSSA Multiple Sclerosis Self-Care Manager
This was created specifically for MS patients. It contains everything from journaling to keeping track of exacerbations. If you need help monitoring your symptoms or medication then this a great app to for keeping this information in one easily accessible place.
My MS Manager: mymsaa.org/msaa-community/mobile/ 

CareZone Multiple Sclerosis
CareZone is a great way for you or your caregiver to keep all your important information in one place. Sign up is free. In addition to the usual medication and journaling feature, there is a social media component that allows sharing with people in your contacts. Other helpful features include a calendar, notes and a to-do list. Your CareZone information can be accessed through an app or on the web at

Care Zone: carezone.com/home

This app is about Social Networking and more. With MyMSTeam you build a team that includes providers and peers who are living with MS. It is sponsored by the MS Foundation and MSWorld. The best feature in this app is the ability to connect with others that are going through similar problems and issues.

My MS Team: www.mymsteam.com