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Indeed, I’ve just completed a three day weekend with no assisted care at all. This morning my carer pushed the vacuum cleaner about. That’s it. My mind is awash with the possibilities. The daily cost is equivalent to half a cup of decent coffee. At that price, I can’t afford not to take it. I’m looking forward to a future I could never have dreamt of before.” To hear Fraser’s full story, go to A link between mitochondrial dysfunction and neurological function has been established. Experts have suggested that symptoms of fatigue or reduced energy could be related to mitochondrial dysfunction. Mitochondria become damaged with age and environmental factors and in some cases more than others. Free radicals damage molecular structure, and whole body systems, such as our immune system, are affected. Scientists today target mitochondria as a promising new avenue for neurological support and energy. MitoQ is a revolutionary mitochondrial-targeted supplement that contains Coenzyme Q, a potent antioxidant. MitoQ penetrates mitochondria up to 847 times more effectively than CoQ10 supplements because it has a positive charge. This means it is drawn into the negatively charged mitochondria, unlike regular CoQ10. MitoQ reduces oxidative damage to help support neurological function and energy, along with healthy ageing. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Sold and distributed by MitoQ Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand. MITOQ.COM “I now have the energy to lift my legs rather than drag them through.” w ha “I no e the ener v w ha e the energy e the ener OM C OQ. MIT than dr o lift m t eeks. or nearly 12 w w f no aise f o r ant t I don’t w “ equiring functional electrical s er r er Suff TLAND O SER H. 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