b"Symptom Managementreferred to a pain specialist or neurosurgeonCarbamazepineandoxcarbazepineare to consider options such as phenol injections,used to manage this. It may also respond to gammaknife,radiofrequencylesions,oran old anti-inammatory medication called decompressive surgery. indomethacin(Indocin).Occipitalnerve Occipital neuralgia is another type of nerveblocks are relatively simple and may provide pain we see in MS. Like trigeminal neuralgia,relief that lasts for months.it can also occur in those without an MSContrarytomythology,MScancause diagnosis. This pain travels along the greaterpain. If you are suffering from pain, discuss occipital nerve. This nerve exits the base ofit with your healthcare team. Your primary the skull and supplies sensation to the scalpcare doctor may help in determining whether on the back of the head. The pain can be similartherearenon-MSexplanationsforthe discomfort. Your MS team should be able to to trigeminal neuralgia but is usually not ashelp sort this out as well and put you on the intense. It may also relapse and remit. path to a better quality of life.How Do You Personally Deal with Pain Associated with MS?Also, What Have you Learned About Pain Management That Could Help Others?Dorothy RichardsI was referred to a local acupuncturist and I see her for the severe pain and she has alleviated nearly all my pain. Im so thankful for her. Sandra CuaronI exercise a couple of minutes and try not to overdo it. I had bad arthritis pain in my left shoulder and my doctor was ready to give me shot of cortisone. I said no, is there anything else? He showed me this one exercise, arm over head to touch the ear and to the other. I did it and have been doing that for over a year. I haven't had that pain. I don't like taking medication if I can work with the body. Amen. Joy ZendzianRice or corn bags, naproxen sodium (Aleve), stretching, rest, sleep and/or avoidance of pain causing stuff. Also reminding myself it won't last too long. Jennifer AndrzejewskiMastering being calm. Put your feelings in a box and close it. Try to imagine happy things and what you will do when the pain goes away. And pray. Always pray. Paulette GatelyI use meditation, prayer, and exercise (a.k.a. cleaning, gardening) to stay flexible. I hydrate, use CBD oil, music, and sometime tears. Whatever gets my mind off the pain. Cara CoxI know everyone handles pain differently. Personally, I try not to focus on the pain. However, I have a lot of breakthrough pain. I noticed when I'm not eating the right foods that my body reacts, so I have been eating less sugar. I try to cut out processed food, and eat more fruit and vegetables. For my meals, I exclude red meat. I eat lots of sh and chicken and I've added a daily exercise routine when I am able. I just try to stay active. It may be a chair exercise program or physical therapy. This seems to work for me and I noticed that my pain is less. msfocusmagazine.org 12"