b'Symptom Managementwhile benzodiazepines (diazepam, etc.) andmedication chamber and an internal catheter others are used less often. The most commonthat delivers baclofen directly into the spinal uid. side-effects with these medications areCareful screening evaluation and counseling drowsiness, dizziness, and weakness. is required before implanting a baclofen pump. The general rule is to start with one medicationIntensive rehabilitation after the procedure at a low dose and increase the dose slowlymay help solidify gains in range of motion until spasticity is controlled or side-effectsand potentially restore some function. begin occuring. If only certain muscle groupsIn summary, hypertonicity and hyperreexia are problematic, then targeted intramuscularare the two faces of spasticity that produce botulinum toxin injections may help. It ismuscle stiffness and muscle spasm, respectively. important to discuss these medications withOnce spasticity is found, the best success in your care team and physicians prior to startingtreating it comes from making stretching a any.dailyhabit.Bycombiningstretchingand For the most refractory and severe cases, forother holistic approaches with appropriate whom other treatments have failed, intrathecalmedical treatments, the painful symptoms of baclofen therapy should be considered. Thisspasticity can be diminished, and function treatment involves implanting a device with acan be restored.More exercise options are discussed in detail in another article in the exclusive content section of the MS Focus Magazine website: Adaptive Exercises and MS, msfocus.us/adapt22.msfocusmagazine.org 20'