b'these groups is that they often consist of peoplein this way is a reminder that you are not dealing with a range of stressors, not all theonly paying attention, you are paying same conditions, so there is a sense of sharedattention with compassion. If you prefer, humanity. you can just let your hands oat near the It is fascinating how bringing kind attentionbody,oryoucanplacethemanywhere to the breath and everyday activities such aselse. If your hands are in pain or they are brushingyourteethcanreducephysicalhaving difficulty moving, you can imagine pain. Pain has physical, emotional, mental,withyourmindyourhandsgently social, spiritual, public policy, and structuralcradling your heart. discrimination components, such as ableism,4. Saying to yourself May I be kind to myself healthism, and racism. Shifts in some of theseinthismoment,mayIgivemyselfthe components can affect the physical aspect ofcompassionIneed.Youcanaddany pain. other wishes you have for yourself in this Self-compassion moment: The third mindfulness practice with pain May I remember that this too shall pass.is self-compassion. These practices were Talking to yourself like a friend or a developed by Kristin Neff. Self-compassion ischild.an interesting blend of the rst two practices Honey, its okay.we did. It brings the attention away from pain to something more nourishing, and it I am here.brings the attention towards the pain, very You got this.gently. Classically, in Asian cultures in which I am with you. mindfulness flourishes, mindfulness is described as a bird with two wingswisdomYou may notice that what arises during and compassion.self-compassion is the opposite of compassion. Self-compassion includes these steps, andMore pain may arise because you are less you can practice along with these instructions:distracted. You might have the opposite of compassion, asking yourself, why did I do too 1. Saying to yourself, This is a moment of stress."much and now this is happening? As someone This acknowledgment is mindfulness, payingwho lives with healing chronic pain and attention with kindness. It interrupts theautoimmune issues, I am familiar with these cycle of worry about how long the pain hasquestions. Just know the challenges arising been going on and what the pain mightduring these moments are common and mean for your multiple sclerosis.absolutely part of the practice. It doesn\'t mean 2. Saying to yourself, Stress is part of life. Ityou are doing anything wrong. happens to everyone." This acknowledgmentSelf-compassion can also mean accepting is shared humanity. It interrupts lonelinesswhatevergetsyouthroughthenight.My and puts us in a position of generosity, toteachers teacher Claude Anshin Thomas, a send our caring out to the rest of the world,Vietnam veteran and mindfulness teacher, and receptivity, to feel connection with others.would also say, in the middle of the night, 3. Placing a hand on your heart and the otherthe only thing that helps me with my PTSD is hand on top of this hand. Holding yourselfTV-watching meditation.23 msfocusmagazine.org'