b'Symptom ManagementIf you have been dealing with your painaerobic exercise are important elements in for a long time, your treatment plan will lookthe plan of care to manage chronic pain. Your a little bit different. Chronic pain can be verytherapistwilllikelyintroducemovements stressful. Additionally, stress can make chronicgradually and other stimuli that have been pain worse, which can create more stress.causing your pain to help you work through This cycle is known as the stress/pain cycle.the experience in a positive and supportive manner. You will also likely be encouraged to begin a program of regular aerobic exercise, as this may improve symptoms related to your pain and improve your overall health. Pain is a complicated phenomenon that is experienced differently by different people. Successful management of pain, especially chronic pain, usually requires a team-based approach and ongoing communication between you and the members of your healthcare team. Whilecertaintypesofpainmayrequire medication, physical therapy can often reduce or even eliminate the need for pain medications. Working with a physical therapist that has experience with different types of pain, including pain related to MS, can help you manage your Physical therapists can work with you andpain, improve how you perform tasks that are other members of your healthcare team toimportant to you, and improve your overall helpyoubreakthiscycle.Movementandhealth and well-being. How Do You Personally Deal with Pain Associated with MS?Also, What Have you Learned About Pain Management That Could Help Others?Cyndi Wendeborn JonesI try to stay active, drink lots of water, and take CBD oil before bed. I noticed I get less stiff when Im moving and hydrated. The CBD helps with the pain and I sleep better. Carol Young-MatlockI think the rst thing we have to do is to determine what kind of pain it is that we are dealing with. Is it nerve pain or generalized pain? If its nerve pain, I will use a prescription nerve pain medication since not much else will help that type of pain in my case. With generalized pain, I try meditation, prayer, and breathing techniques, and heat and ice therapy on the affected area. I also stretch. If none of those things help, I use pain medication. I have learned that an internal pain medication pump works best for me. It delivers the medication straight into my intrathecal area (spinal canal). You can also get baclofen through it to help with spasticity. I urge others to try alternative therapies such as massage or acupuncture before moving on to a narcotic to deal with pain.msfocusmagazine.org 28'