b'Myths and Facts about MS and Pain 10 ISpasticity, spasms, neuropathy, and neuralgias are all sources of MS pain. 14Is Your Pain from Your MS?Pain is as variable as the disease itself. NPain and Exercise 16 Focusing on what you can do, having a positive attitude is crucial.Understanding MS Spasticity 18How daily stretching can help.Appealing Insurer Decisions 21 TWhat to do if your health insurance plan refusal to pay for care. 22 3 Mindfulness Practices for PainHAwareness, curiosity, and compassion offer ways to deal with pain.26PT for Pain Management in MSTherapy can reduce, eliminate need for medications.IOccupational Therapists Can Guide You32on Your Pain JourneyTreatments can focus on root of pain or activities pain is limiting.SHealth and Wellness Program 34 MS Focus offers a variety of activities suitable for individuals with MS. Using Technology to Help Manage Pain 38Alternatives that can supplement your treatment plan without the cost and side-effects from medication.IUpdates to the CDC Pain Guidelines 44Revisions set to x opioid prescription problems. Current Research Advances 47 SThe Consortium of MS Centers 2022 meeting.52Managing MS PainPain can be acute, paroxysmal, or chronic in nature.54SMS Fatigue ExplainedAwareness, management of stressors can help.UGiving Back 42 Our Focus 6 Spotlight 7Ask the MS Nurse 50 E Takeaways 9Doctors Notes 56 MS Focused 30RX Updates 60 My Story 36Fatigue-Free Foodie 62 Empowered 40MS Focus Brain Games63 3 msfocusmagazine.org'