b'Becauseofthe widerangeofactivitiesinstructors every week. Its incredible!available, applicants often inquire about classesAnother refreshing detail about the Health this grant does not offer. While aquatic exerciseand Wellness program is that classes do not is among the options for interested parties,require attendees to have previous experience. aquatic therapy is not, said Alma. But theEach instructor always encourages individuals good news, in this case, is that another oneonly to do what is comfortable for them. Our of the Foundations programs could help onegoal is to put everyone at ease, Alma said. obtain such a treatment, Homecare Assistance. Life is stressful, whether or not one lives with a According to Alma, adaptive yoga andchronic condition such as MS, but we proudly exercise are among the more popular classesserve this community and want to be a place health and wellness provides. Before, there wasthat provides them with a respite in whatever a slew of aquatics and therapeutic horsebackway feasible.riding requests, but, much like everythingAlma anticipates the end of the pandemic else, the program underwent drastic changesso when things are more secure, groups can as the pandemic persisted, she said.resume in-person gatherings, and individual Virtual groups participation assistance is not as limited. I In 2020, Alma and Kasey sought instructorswouldnt want to conclude the virtual health to lead virtual groups to compensate for theand wellness classes because people are decrease of in-person programs. Micheleattending worldwide, and it gives individuals Matthews of Sacred Rivers Yoga taught anthe opportunity to stay active but remain safe, adaptive form of the practice between Januaryshe said. However, many of our applicants 2021 and 2022, before Patricia Salner tookrelished aquatics and therapeutic horseback over for her. While their styles are different,riding pre-COVID-19, and I cant wait for both ladies are extraordinary, said Alma. Andnormalcy to return so that we could serve were happy that participants are enjoyingclients to the extent that we had previously.Patriciasclasses,especiallysinceMicheleAs an employee of MS Focus for nearly 20 was their guide for a full year. years, Alma still loves the Foundations values. What I most treasure is that my colleagues MS Focus health and wellness Zoomand I help people. For years, I collected pictures programs quickly increased in number andand thank-you cards or letters from health and popularity, offering various virtual conferenceswellness program applicants, which cover an every week. We provide adaptive exercise,entire bulletin board in my office. Not to mention adaptivedance,chairyogaclasses,gentlecountless emails, and it all reminds me that movement practice, and art therapy. In observingwhat I do is worthwhile. People tell me that their the programs growth, Alma said there is notmobility has improved, pain reduced, and enoughtimetoexpresswhatsheenjoysthey feel better on an emotional level too. The about each class and those who lead them.feedback remains the same from in-person I can tell you that the instructors go aboveand virtual participants; some regulars attend and beyond to make each conference special.on Zoom from the United Kingdom and other Hannah Garrisons art classes and Maryellenplaces around the world.Smolinskis exercise therapy program are perfectTo learn more about our health and wellness examples. Both love having conversations withprogram, visit msfocus.org and select Grants their attendees, which sets a warm, welcomingand Programs under the Get Help tab. If youd atmosphere, and you never see the same thinglike to attend MS Focuss virtual conferences, twice, said Alma. Hannahs artwork is diversevisit msfocus.org/events and register for your and fun, while Maryellen brings along differentpreferred event.35 msfocusmagazine.org'