b"Life with MSVVeennttiinnggiissGGooooddffoorrtthheeSSoouullBy Marcia HarrisHow many times have you clipped yourhand as if to say Hey, Im walking here! I baby toe on the leg of a chair or table? As thehave been almost hit more times than I can saying goes a little toe is a device to findsay. Lets add to it that there isnt a lot of time furniture in the dark. What about when youto cross the street. People in wheelchairs or hit your funny bone or knee? You start yelling,using walking devices barely make it across laughing, crying, and maybe even using somein time. Then, when we nally make it across expletives. After all, when we vent about ourthe street, there is no sidewalk to walk on. We pain, it makes it feel better. Or does it? Probablyeither have to walk in the street or on the not, but who among us hasnt done this atgrass.Rainydaysmakeitworsebecause least a time or two?there is no cover over the bus bench at some What about the pain of a broken heart? Ofstops.Youcanprobablyhearmeventing course we are going to vent to our best friendundermybreathallthewaytowork. about that. Think about it. It has to be theI have mentioned before as support group other persons fault, right? You know you didcoordinator for MS Focus, I participate in some everything right to keep the relationship going.oftheFacebookMSsupportgroups.One It wasnt you that decided to end it and justgood thing about online groups is that you be friends, but reecting on the past, maybecan write how you feel. I often see people you are lucky it turned out this way. Afterstarting out with, I just need to vent. They all, your boyfriends idea of honesty in yourmay talk about the crappy day they had at relationship may have been him telling youwork, how the kids wouldnt listen and were his real name. late for school, or how the dogs chewed one of their favorite pairs of shoes. However, more While I am in the vent mode, I am sureoften than not, what I read are feelings of some of you can relate to this one. I take thepain and anger from the beast called MS. I bus to work and have to cross busy streets atsee people saying things such as, they don't stop lights to get to my next stop. When thehave any new lesions in their head, but they white Walk light comes on, that means Istill had constant nerve pain and internal canstarttocross.Ofcourse,forthefoolsburning, or yesterday they jumped up from turning right on red in their cars, not hardlysleeping mid-afternoon, grabbed their walker, looking up, it means I have to hold up myand then face-planted. They might write about msfocusmagazine.org 40"