b'visits are helpful to differentiate this lassitude from emotional fatigue that could be associated with depression or physical fatigue from workCOOLING YOU CAN or deconditioning. MS fatigue has nothing toACTUALLY FEELdo with motivation. We can be motivated to the nth degree but our bodies do not cooperate. This is perhaps the most difficult symptom to convey to anyone who has not experienced it.3+ HOURSOF COOLINGSo, how is MS fatigue managed and prevented? It probably is the most difficultCOOLING PACK symptom of MS to treat and each individualPLACEMENT responds differently to that treatment.ALONG THE SPINE Medications that are stimulants may be prescribed.MedicationsthatpreventLIGHTWEIGHT narcolepsy, which may be linked to certain sleep disorders, can help. These medicationsCONCEALABLEare not meant to be used every day and may lose their effectiveness if that practice isQUICK followed. They are generally most effectiveRECHARGEwhen taken only on the days where extraWORKS IN energy or mental alertness are most needed.HUMIDITYFor that reason, individuals who take them to facilitatethebestoutcomesintheirworkCOOLING week should try to take a vacation from themACCESSORIES AVAILABLEon their days off or less taxing work days. Lifestyle changes such as healthy eating, smoking cessation, and regular exercise canPOLAR OFFERS SOLUTIONS be helpful in preventing the worst of MSFOR COOLING EVERY BODY! fatigue. I have found that being aware of myOther manufacturers may claim their single, posture and staying erect helps me to breatheunpatented cooling technology is the best more fully and stave off the worst of thatfor all environments and situaons, but Polar fatigue. For many, learning to practice energyis the only manufacturer worldwide oering conservation techniques is helpful. Keepingevery major type of personal body cooling cool and well-hydrated on hot days cantechnology! We can oer the most eecve minimize the effect of fatigue. Being awaresoluon for your individual needs.of stressors and managing them also helps.See our complete product line atSubstance use, such as alcohol or cannabis,polarproducts.com.|800.763.8423can worsen MS fatigue. Unfortunately, there are no magic treatments or cures, and wePROUD SUPPLIER FOR THEmust nd what works best for us.MSF COOLING PROGRAM55 msfocusmagazine.org'