b'Find the Connection!These twelve items break into four categories listed below. Figure out which four items go in each category. Look out for red herrings! Some items could potentially be in two categories, but only one solution is correct. SelmaAnnetteJump ropeCheyenne MarbleDollMontelEasel CanvasBrooklynBallJack Jamie-LynnClayHelenaPaintCategories:First names of celebrities with MS: ___________________________________________________________________________________ Childrens toys:Solution to last issues puzzle: _____________________ _____________________ _________________________________________G RA N D C H I L D R E N American cities that are alsoW I S DO M rst names:C O NF I D E NCE _____________________ _____________________ E X PE RI E N C E __________________________________________ O L D FRI E NDS Things an artist uses:R ETI R EM E N T D I S COUN T S _____________________ _____________________ B E I N GY OURS E LF__________________________________________B ET T ER T HANTHE A LTER N A T I E 63 msfocusmagazine.org'