b"Debra Formaneducational programs coordinator What everyone should know about MS Focus is that we have employees that have chosen to stay with us for almost 30 years! Our level of commitment and compassion to the MS community is something that I see on a daily basis from all of our employees.Charles Eaderboard of directors I have been associated with MS Focus: the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation for over 26 years. I stay involved because I believe in their programs.It is so important to focus on the quality of life of those impacted by this debilitating condition.Whether it be the program services team, the fundraisers, the assistants, the managers, the receptionist, or the board members, everyone I know associated with the organization has a passion and a drive to ensure that quality of life is the best it can be.Kimani Hendricksmultimedia communications coordinator Coming from an arbitrary and harrowing work environment over two years ago, an immediate sense of peace overcame me the rst time I entered the corporate office at MS Focus. Something within told me that I had the job before I knew I was hired; it seemed like I was right where I needed to be, and I still have that feeling today. I've never worked for an organization wherein everyones voices and ideas mattered so much. I love having open discussions about ways to reach more of the community. And as I learn about each department and program, it puts in perspective how much heart goes into every area and aspect of the Foundation. We all have a purpose and many gifts; no earthly hands can do everything alone. It takes a village of people doing their part to their best abilities to better others, and a village is what we are at MS Focus. Terry Schenkerpublications manager I have been at the Foundation for 20 years as of February 2022. My favorite thing about my job at the Foundation is working with such terrific people. So many of them have become like family to me. Even while working remotely during the pandemic, we try to keep in touch, and the highlight of my day is when I get to talk to another member of my team. We work so well together, and are happy knowing what we do helps people everyday. I hope to be here until the end of my working days.As we celebrate 35 years of FFiinnddiinnggBBeetttteerrDDaayyss,,MSFocus is embracing technology and making giving even easier. To make a donation today Text MSFocus to 50155. Please share with your friends and family.17 msfocusmagazine.org"