b'Aryn Sieber: Each modality can have a(not oil concentrate) may be more kind to your different effect and duration rate which dependslungs, rather than smoking a joint or vaping on several factors: mostly how the individualoil. Vaping the ower heats the plant material metabolizes each modality, the severity ofso only the trichomes can burn off. This also condition and other medications in the patientseliminates the use of the gas (butane) that is system.used in traditional lighters. Overdosing when using cannabis can feelWhile there are ways to avoid having to very uncomfortable. In severe cases, uncontrolleduse a gas lighter or matches, such as USB coughing, vomiting, and elevated blood pressurepowered lighters or a piece of hemp string, may occur. Having someone with you can makethe paper and smoke can be harsh and cause usingcannabisasaferexperience.Unlikea person to have a coughing t or irritation. other medicines, a cannabis overdose is notOther options for intake are vaporizers, glass lethal, but can still require a call to 911. If youor wood pipes, water bongs, and an apple. are not familiar with how THC cannabis willYes, an apple! make you feel or youve started using a newVaporizerpenscanbeuser-friendlyto strain, consider having a caregiver or a friendhandle, but also technically challenging. They with you. Especially if using edibles, as therequire regular cleaning and a power source. effect of the medicine can last up to six hours and could be very intense. Typically, vaporizer pens come with a battery A cautionary note, the smoke from THCand are charged using a USB port. Some very cannabis can get not only the user high butlarge vaporizers, such as The Volcano, require could affect others in close proximity. Pleasebeing plugged directly into a wall socket.consider your environment and others aroundWell-functioning vaporizer pens are you (especially children and pets) when vapingpriced between $30 and $75 for pens that or smoking THC cannabis. either vaporize ower or oil only. These tend I nttaakkee to be smaller with fewer functions, shorter InUnderstanding how to intake cannabis, asbattery life, and hold less material. Vaporizer medicine, is important. To a large degree, thispens that can use both oil and ower (not at can and will determine the effectiveness andthe same time) can cost from $50 to more efficiency (economy) of your outcome.than$300. Theseoftenhavetemperature control, longer battery life, and, depending on Otthheerr than smoking a joint,how often you need to medicate, hold much whhaattaarreessoommeeoof the otherwwaayyssmore material.ottaakkeeiinnccaannnnaabis?Water bongs are also an option, but not toSieber: There are four modalities fortravel-friendly. They are the grandfather of consuming cannabis: 1. Vaping/Smoking,vaporizers and use water in the base to take 2. Tinctures/Suppositories, 3. Edibles, andaway the harsh smoke of the cannabis ower. 4. Topical/Transdermal.Most bongs do not allow for regulated intake WWhhaattiissbbeetttteerrffoorrlluunngghheeaalltthh:: and can be difficult to dose. They are usually s mookkiinnggoorrvvaappiinngg?? sm madeofglassandcanbecumbersome. Dr. Ben Thrower: Vaping the cannabis owerWater bongs also need regular cleaning.19 msfocusmagazine.org'