b'Editor-in-Chief Kasey Minnis Production Manager Terry Schenker Editor Christopher C. Paine Contributing Staff Natalie Blake Debra Forman Marcia Harris Kimani Hendricks Chris Hudspeth Derrick Lee Traci Allyn Shur Statement of PurposeExecutive Leadership Alan Segaloff The purpose of MS Focus: the Multiple Sclerosis Foundations publicationsistoempowerthoseaffectedbyMSto makethemosteducateddecisionsconcerningtheirMedical Consultants healthcare. We do not advocate or endorse any specificBen Thrower, M.D. treatments, healing modalities, or practitioners. The materialEllen Whipple, Pharm.D. in this publication is for informational purposes only. For specific advice, please consult a healthcare professional.MS Focus Magazine is published quarterly in enlarged type for the benefit of our readers. Audioversions of featured articles are available for listening or download on www.msfocusradio.org. MS Focus Magazine is a free publication for individuals with MS, their families, and others interested in MS. Looking for articles from back issues? Find our archive and web-exclusive content at msfocusmagazine.orgmsfocusmagazine.org 2'