b'program Ive seen within different organizations,woman had MS but was confined to her he said. And we cant forget that caregivershome due to immobility. We talked about can take advantage of respite care within thateverything under the sun, and before I knew service, too; its tremendous. it, I had been on the phone with her for two Alan believes it is not only the Foundationsand a half hours. At some point, it occurred to vast array of programs that set it apart fromme that she was lonely and needed the otherorganizationsbuthisemployees,ascompany of another; it not only gave me well. MS Focus overows with the most caring,insight into what some people who live with knowledgeable people I know; they put theirMS endure daily, but it made me feel good to hearts into everything they do here, which ishave had that close encounter. Letting them rare these days, Alan added. All the workknow we care and desire to help is comforting gets done from our location in Fort Lauderdale;for them and us. The answer to what we do I think that alone gives a personal touch,as an organization is simple: we help people! becauseitenablesustomaintaincloseAnd in helping each other, everyone wins. connections with our clients. Alan looks forward to retirement this spring. While AlananticipatestheendoftheThe MS Focus staff are profoundly grateful COVID-19 pandemic, he sees some silverfor his two decades of leadership. linings, such as the increase in viewership oftheFoundationsvirtualeducational conferences. Certainly, I see growth from a technological perspective; thanks to our online events, we are connecting with more people through social media than we ever could during our live programs, he said. Another exciting element is that our viewers see the value in the presentations and gain insightSnap Hookfrom them, which enhances their quality ofPremium Zipperlife. That is one of our top priorities. Looking forward, Id like to see an even longer reachCondensation Mesh Pocket Easy Glide Webbing & Sliderbetween MS Focus and the community we serve. 30 Inch Adjustable Straps (Qty:2) Shoulder Pads/Chair Protectors Multi-Wear D RingsAlan considers being hired at the Foundation the milestone of his life, but will never forget the conversation with a client in his days as a volunteer that opened his eyes to the organizations purpose. At that time, I was one of two Alans at MS Focus; the other lived with multiple sclerosis. One day, I answered a call that was meant for him, but in retrospect, it was meant for me, Alan continued. This 25 msfocusmagazine.org'