b'MS Focus ActivitiesTo be where the family isLaurence A. Richardson, of Winter Garden, Fla., was in need of a recliner. I nd it harder and harder to be a present father and husband because of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. I am in pain constantly and seem to only nd some relief while in a reclined position. I currently am using bed wedges to maintain that position while at home, but that leaves me secluded from the family and visiting company. I am requesting the Brighter Tomorrow Grant for a recliner so that I may be less uncomfortable while being a participating member of the family and being where most of life happens in our household, the family room. Laurence, we hope youre enjoying being the center of all the action again in your new recliner. Keeping things coolKaren Araiza Jimenez, of Sparks, Nev., was in need of a new refrigerator. This past year has been very difficult and very scary. I stayed home with my family and cooked for them every day. Cooking and baking is something I enjoy and I would love to get help with a new refrigerator so that I can put all my food in. Thank you for giving me hope for a brighter tomorrow. We hope you and your family all enjoy your new refrigerator, Karen. A robot to keep oors cleanTami Walker, of Saint George, Utah, appreciated the opportunity to apply for the Brighter Tomorrow Grant. Having a robot vacuum that could map out my home and thoroughly clean my oors for me would be incredible, and would denitely help each of my tomorrows be brighter knowing I can have a cleaner home. I have been feeling a faster decline over this past year that has left me in more pain and with less mobility. As it is, my oors hardly get cleaned because I just dont have the mobility or energy to push through the pain to vacuum my oors as often as they need it, and I cant afford to pay a house cleaner to come help me as we are just scraping by to pay our bills since I can no longer work. Tamis new robot vacuum is now on the job. To all our grant recipients, we wish you brighter tomorrows. For those of you who have not received a Brighter Tomorrow Grant, we encourage you to apply next year. Watch for an application in our summer issue.msfocusmagazine.org 34'