b"Cooling ProgramBy Kimani HendricksAs February quickly approaches, MS Focusrange of vests, some of which are lightweight and is preparing to resume its Cooling Program.fashionable. Meanwhile, there's ThermApparel, Because of growing popularity, it is one of twowhosevestsgounderyourclothes,tting cyclical programs provided by MS Focus: theclosely to the body with a cooling pack down the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation; the other is ourspine. Another of our vendors, Heat Relief Depot, Brighter Tomorrow Grant. We receive moreequips MS Focus with accessory packages that requests for this service than any of us caninclude hats, wristbands, and neck wraps.count, said Derrick Lee, associate director ofThe hats are insulated and hold a cooling Quality of Life Programs and Services. Thepouch at the crown of the head. Polar Products beautifulthingisthathundredsofclientsoffers baseball caps, bucket, and straw hats to benet from the daily use of these items eachconsumers. Their neck wraps come in either a year. solid color or chic print, and while the wristbands The Cooling Program provides vests andare specific to performance, the cooling accessory kits, including a deluxe neck wrap,accessories are often helpful in other ways. wristbands, and a hat to individuals with MSPeople get creative with the neck wraps by whooftenencounterexacerbationswhenlaying them across their pillows at night before overheated. These products are designed tothey go to sleep, Derrick said. With that, we regulate core body temperature so clients cansometimes suggest a Chillow, a cooling pad maintain independence and activities; thespecically designed for the pillow. Clients can garments contain freezable packs that reactivatetake advantage of this through the program, too.in cold water but last longer if frozen. Ideally,Derrick believes clients often have a better depending on the pack and what one is doing,idea of which garments to request when theyremaincoolataminimumofthreesubmitting applications. But some need hours and a maximum of six.guidance. Lots of times, people check off each The Foundation operates with four vendors,item but dont always need them all, he said. whose various items tailor to the needs ofSo, part of the selection process involves a each client. Contrary to belief, not every coolingphone conversation wherein Vicki, our cyclical vest is the same, Derrick said. Steele Vests,programs coordinator, gathers enough data for example, are denser, which enables a morefromtheindividualandrecommendsthe intense cool, while Polar Products offers a wideideal products.35msfocusmagazine.org"