b'Life with MSWWhhaattyyoouuSShhoouullddKnnoowwAAbboouutt KS By Marcia HarrisSuuppppoorrttGGrroouuppssIve learned a lot about MS support groupsSupport groups are a great place to give during the past several years. Like some ofback. Someone may benefit from your you, I used to think they were just a bunch ofexperience or the knowledge you have. people sitting in a circle complaining aboutFor members of the MS Focus Independent their problems. While Im sure that doesSupportGroupNetwork,therearemore happen once in a while, support groups arebenets: actually a resource for those with MS, along withcaregiversandhealthcareproviders.MS Focus provides Welcome Kits to new When you are part of a support group, it cangroup members, with information about help you physically, mentally, and emotionally,MS and how MS Focus can help. but it can also give you the chance to helpOur MS Focus Independent Support Group others.Network Facebook page is a place where Here are some things you should knowsupport group leaders and coleaders can about support groups:share ideas, ask questions and post group Support groups are a place to share yourinfo. experiences and be understood. Find a groupOur biweekly e-newsletter is sent to support where you are able to speak freely and askgroup leaders and co-leaders. This has questions without fear of embarrassment.articles from MS Focus Magazine, updates Sometimes an online or Facebook group isfrom the CDC, Zoom Yoga and dance classes, a good way to start.webinar information, and much more. SupportgroupsareaplacetondandFor those groups who have meetings using make friends. Zoomoranothervirtualplatform,MS Support groups are also good for your careFocus will attend your meeting and go over partner to attend. There are groups for careall the grants and programs available to partners only, or if they want to come toyou. These meetings usually last 60 to 90 your meetings, that is great, too. They canminutes and questions are encouraged. share their experiences and see that othersMS Focus sends out a quarterly newsletter are having the same experiences.EmpowerSource, where we feature support msfocusmagazine.org 42'