b"wouldspenddays,nights,andweekends putting together the various baskets.COVID presented its own logistical problems for the last two years, but that didnt stop Traci. She sold tickets in advance and each ticket holder was told what time of the day they were allowed to enter the building to minimize the numbers and to keep everyone safe. Despite thesenecessarycomplications,supporters turned out and had a great time. Traci has a generous heart and certainly has more energy than most. Her fundraisers have been extremely successful because of her hard work, organizational skills, and determination. We can't thank her enough for choosing MS Focus as the recipient of her efforts. Thank you, Traci, for all youve done to help the MS community. Each year there is a generous donation made to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation from the proceeds of the virtual Superhero Run. Thank you very much Lauren for continuing Patricks legacy and making a difference for those living with MS!What About You? If the stories of Richard, Justin, Traci, and A Super Inspiration Lauren have inspired you, our staff are here Lauren Burgoyne met Patrick Taylor aboutto guide you along the way. Whether its a 10 years ago. Patrick was a former reghtersmall fundraisersuch as a car wash, yard who was living with MS and training for thesale, or request for birthday donationsor a specialOlympics.Althoughsadly,Patrickmore involved one like these, we will give you tools, advice, and encouragement to make it passed away in 2015, he and his wife Kathya success. became the rst superheroes who provided theinspirationforLaurensnonprofitWant to Plan Your Own Fundraiser? organization called The Greater PurposeT o get help creating your own event Project. Lauren wrote that while his storyto support people with MS, contact: was powerful, the piece that struck me wasDebra Forman at 800-226-6495 Patricks ability to transform his pain into a or email debra@msfocus.org . greater purpose of helping other people.49msfocusmagazine.org"