b"to managing heat sensitivity is adjusting yourAccess to gyms: The gym can be an workout to the weather. During warmer months,intimidating place for everyone. Each person stick to exercising indoors, and know that youwill encounter different challenges if choosing may need to take more breaks throughoutto work out in a gym setting. your workout. Exercisemachinesareoftenlimitedto Fatigue: Implementing energy conservationtight spaces, and have small or low seats or is a strategy to combat fatigue. For example,benches, creating a difficult transfer on and work out in shorter intervals and give yourselfoff the machine. An alternative to using seated longer breaks in between sets. Each person ismachines is using free weights in replacement. different when it comes to the time of daySome cable-weighted machines are adjustable that works best for a workout. Some mightand do not have a seat in front of them, so feel better working out in the morning, whilethey can be set up to do a variety of exercises others need to do it at the end of the day. Budgetwithout needing to transfer. your energy so you do not leave yourself drainedIf you struggle with grip strength or ne following a workout and unable to continuemotor control, it can be challenging to hold through your day. Energy conservation canonto dumbbells and other weights in order to also look like taking a rest day or two duringcomplete your exercises. Grip supports can your week to recover for your next workout.be purchased online and are able to be used It is key to avoid workouts focused on the sameon a variety of machines and weights. muscle groups two days in a row. MusclesIf you are physically unable to go to the need rest in order to recover.gym, it is still possible to create a rigorous Poor balance: No exercise is worth a fall. Ifworkout routine in the comfort of your own you experience issues with balance, considerhome. Online resourcessuch as YouTubetransitioning some of your standing exercisesoffer many guided workout videos on channels to a seated position, or make sure you havesuch as the Working On Wellness Foundation, somethingsturdytoholdonto.ConsiderCanDo MS, and MS Workouts. There are also having an exercise buddy or someone closevirtual groups you can join to workout with by when exercising to keep you safe. It is alsoothers while you are at home, or, better yet, important to think of working on the problemstart your own virtual group with friends and itself. Activitiessuchas yogaand TaiChifamily. have been shown to improve balance. If you think your balance is preventing you from ex- Altering your mindsetAltering your mindsetercising safely, it may be time to speak to yourThe biggest barrier and challengeThe biggest barrier and challengedoctor. Growth isnt linear, expect good days and Pain: Pain does not automatically meanbad days. Adapting the way you approach you need to suspend all activity and exercise.exercise does not change its effectiveness. Depending on the source and severity, adaptingSomeone once said The only bad workout is or altering your exercise regime may be alltheonethatneverhappened.Celebrate that's needed. For example, instead of takingyourself and the effort you are putting into a day off because of pain, simply lighten theleading a healthier lifestyle. Amongst the weights, shorten the sets, or focus on an areachallengesofMS,youcanstillhavea of the body that is not experiencing painsuccessful exercise routine. Instead of I will 11 msfocusmagazine.org"