b'Dryer-Nice and dry Mark G., from Cooperstown, Pa., requested a dryer. Now, he can dry his clothes at home instead of having to ask someone to drive him to a laundromat and back. I would like to get a dryer so I can dry my clothes at home instead of going to a laundromat to dry them or depending on someone else to do them for me. I have limited mobility, and it is hard for me to get around so a dryer would be really nice for me. Keeping her groceries cool Carolyn D., of Tennessee, received a refrigerator. I love my home. Its a at, three-room home with one-and-a-half bathrooms. I want to stay in my home and ask how long I can or that God would allow me to. Im trying to keep my home up so I can stay in it longer. I need a new refrigerator and washing machine because they are on their last legs. If I could get both of them, I can take better care of myself. My food would stay fresh and my clothes will stay clean and I thank you so very much. And God bless you. Thank you. Replacing a leaky appliance Jeanette W., from Chicago, received a refrigerator. Hers was old and leaking. I need help getting a refrigerator because the one I have is more than 30 years old. Water will be on the oor all the time and also in veggie and fruit storage area inside the refrigerator, and freezer area sometimes. Also, I have slipped around it, and I am afraid of falling because sometimes I cant see water on the oor. I will be so grateful if the Brighter Tomorrow Grant could help. Thank you.A dream come trueCheryl C., of Shelton, Wash., requested a refrigerator. I have been without a refrigerator for three years. Ice is very expensive and it only lasts for a day in my ice chest. To be able to have a refrigerator is a dream come true.Improving quality of life Lauren S., of Arvada, Colo., requested a queen-sized mattress. I am 34 years old, and I have multiple sclerosis. I am applying for the Brighter Tomorrow Grant because it truly will give me a brighter tomorrow, in the literal sense of the word. This is because I would like to use the grant to purchase a new mattress, as mine was damaged in storage. I never knew how much a mattress can affect your quality of sleep, even with insomnia. And, more importantly, your quality of life. Not sleeping well is not only causing me pain, but also affecting my daily functions. I nd it harder cognitively to focus, my fatigue is worsened, and I dont have the motivation to complete daily tasks. Financially, I am unable to afford a new mattress, and this is why I would like to please ask the Brighter Tomorrow Grant to help me. 25 msfocusmagazine.org'